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Care for Someone is a small charity, working hard to make a big difference to the lives of impoverished children in Zimbabwe.

In recent years, the world has seen a substantial fall in extreme poverty but despite government initiatives, there are still Zimbabwean children who have no access to education.

HIV/AIDS has ravaged the country, wiping out a whole generation and leaving as many as 1.5million children without parental care. Many young people, under the age of 18, have become the main breadwinner, caring for siblings, a sick parent or grandparent.

Unemployment is high and there is no welfare support. These children are destined to a life of destitution, exploitation, prostitution, mental health problems and substance abuse.

Care for Someone identifies the most vulnerable in rural communities and instigates a plan of care to address their needs. A culture of dependency is discouraged; instead, families are supported until they are able to help themselves. For example, by the provision of seeds and tools, where food is grown and the surplus sold and used towards school fees. Before that can happen, Care for Someone will pay for schooling and uniforms, books and stationary and in extreme cases, food and clothes.

Access to Education Project

School fees assistance to children from very disadvantaged backgrounds within primary and secondary school cohort. School fees may be as little as £30 in remote regions, but average around £150-£250 for the year.

Sponsor a child

Tinevimbo, Tapiwa, Euodia, Esby, Esther all desperately need sponsors. Please help us send them to school. Contact us for more details.


Please visit www.give.net

CAF payments – Please follow this link to website – https://www.cafonline.org/my-personal-giving/start-giving/donate-now.aspx

Quote charity no. 1086589 on all CAF donations.

Other ways to donate: Paypal, cheque or set up a direct debit. Contact us for more details on info@careforsomeone.co.uk

Thank you.

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